Natural Cleaners to Use at Home

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Using natural cleaners at home is much better for your health and well-being. By avoiding chemicals in household cleaning products, you are avoiding fumes that can be harmful, dangers of accidental poisoning and irritants getting on skin or in your eyes. It is common sense, really. Using green cleaning products at home will protect you and your family and also our environment.

Here are some natural cleaners you can start using right now:

1. Vinegar
Vinegar is a wonderful thing to use around the house for all kinds of tasks. Mixed with water and a few drops of citrus, you will find it works perfectly as a glass cleaner. When you wish to cut grease, vinegar is much safer than ammonia, which is known to possibly cause asthma. To disinfect surfaces, mix vinegar with lemon juice, eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil for a wonderful alternative to chlorine. In fact, just mix the vinegar with hot soapy water and you will have a very good disinfectant cleaner.

2. Eucalyptus oil
Eucalyptus oil is a general all-around great product for cleaning and disinfecting. Mixed with water, it can dissolve dirt and soil and is much safer than glycol ether which is found in some chemical cleaners. Mix it with white vinegar, hot water and a small amount of liquid dish washing soap, put it in a spray bottle and it makes a nice spray cleaner. Put this oil in a small bucket of water and pour into the toilet for a toilet disinfectant.

3. Baking soda
Baking soda is the perfect deodorizer. This is a replacement for using phthalates that are synthetic fragrances which come in traditional cleaners. Deodorize your carpets by sprinkling well with baking soda, leaving it for about 15 minutes or more, and then vacuuming it up. Put a thick layer of baking soda in your oven after getting the inside damp with a spray bottle. Leave it for a few hours, then come back and wipe up the baking soda paste with a cloth. You may need to do this a few times to get everything but it works like magic.

4. Plant-based surfactants
Plant-based products are known as biodegradable products and are usually indicated as being such right on the package. These may be soy-based, corn-based, or coconut-based cleaners. Plant-based cleaners penetrate grime and soil effectively.

Another natural cleaner you may not be aware of is ketchup! Yes, this condiment is ideal for rubbing on copper or brass cookware to bring back the natural color of the pan. Just rinse off the ketchup with warm water and dry off your like-new copper or brass pot.

Do a little research and you will find all sorts of cleaning agents that are much safer for you and your family than those you buy in the store and that are loaded with toxic chemicals.


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