About Us

Our Profile

Consolidated Facility Services has been providing consistent quality janitorial services and maintenance services in the Northern California region for over thirty-five years. We have grown from a family run business to a large corporation over the years, and are still locally owned and operated. Exceptionally low turnover for both clients and employees, as well as a low ratio of employees to supervisors, is a testament to the quality of our service. We also maintain an excellent credit rating with our vendors, as well as, pre-approved lines of credit large enough for any contract. Were licensed, bonded, insured, and offer competitively priced contracts by job or on a monthly basis.

  • Training & Evaluation

    Here at Consolidated Facility Services safety is key. To ensure all safety precautions are met, we take a proactive role with our employees by continuously developing new training programs. These programs consist of all of the most recent standards set by OSHA and Blood Borne Pathogen, as well as background clearances. Working with each of our employees to better understand the importance of working together, to create a safe environment for themselves and our clients, is vital to our success. Taking the initiative to visit your building during the day allows us to identify the quality of service being provided, check all equipment, and ensure that all necessary supplies are stocked. Forty specific items are inspected, rated, and reported to our managers and clients regularly; based on the cleaning standard for the client’s building.

  • Equipment

    All employees are trained to utilize the latest and most efficient methods as well as equipment. We are not “just another contract cleaner”. Highly trained supervisors are critical in assuring consistent delivery of our high standards of service. All equipment is furnished by us because cleaning is our only business, we constantly test and evaluate new equipment, products, and techniques. Routine maintenance is our responsibility, not yours. Thus your overall maintenance costs will decrease, and any risk of damage or injury from faulty equipment is eliminated.

  • Why Choose Consolidated Facility Services?

    Maintaining the appearance, cleanliness, and safety of your property to your standard is our priority. Getting the job done right the first time, so that we exceed all of our obligations, is something we take pride in. We are here to work for you. That’s the bottom line. We base our successes consistency, repetition and education.

  • Building Relationships

    Long term relationships have been established with our suppliers. These partnerships allow us to provide the highest quality chemicals and materials resulting in improved safety, increased quality of service, and a reduction in cost to our clients.