10 Questions to Ask your Janitorial Service Company before Hiring

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When hiring a janitorial service company to handle cleaning and upkeep for your business location(s), it is important to ask some very specific questions. You want to work with the janitorial company you hire for a long time and have a high level of trust. And of course, you want consistent results with high standards maintained.

Here are ten of the questions you should ask about the company you are looking to hire:

1. Is the company bonded and insured?

A janitorial service company should be bonded and insured just like any contractor you would hire for roofing, plumbing or construction.

2. How long has the company been in business?

Experience plays a large part in how effective and efficient the cleaning company is in their operation. The longer they have been in business, the more certain you can be that they have learned how to set and meet high standards.

3. Does the company have a Quality Assurance program?

Always check on how the company handles quality assurance. A Quality Assurance program in place will more effectively ensure client satisfaction. Having such a program shows the company is willing to go the extra mile to provide excellent service.

4. How are complaints handled?

How a company handles complaints says a lot about them. Customer complaints should be handled quickly, efficiently and with courtesy and understanding.

5. How many employees does the company have?

Smaller is not always better. A good janitorial services company, if they provide superior service, will grow in clientele and this will require hiring more employees.

6. Are the employees able to communicate with facility staff?

Good communication within a company of any kind makes for more organized and competent operations. All staff should be able to communicate to each other.

7. Are the janitors direct employees, subcontractors, or is the company a franchise?

This question can have an impact on how well trained a janitor is. When the janitorial staff are employees, you can assume that they are trained before being put on the job. Subcontractors may not meet the high standards needed from a cleaning service. Franchises usually give good education to employees, but without the personal touch and probably without the needed supervision.

8. Does the company perform background checks or screening before hiring?

When a company performs regular background checks on employees and screens their new hires, they are assuring that only trustworthy people are entering your premises.

9. Does the company provide training? If so, how often?

Any committed Sacramento janitorial service company will train their employees. There are rules and regulations that must be met such as those by OSHA and other governmental agencies. Since these regulations are often updated, any training provided by the company should occur on a regularly scheduled basis.

10. Is there an option for Green Cleaning services and products?

Many companies and businesses are committed to doing all they can to help the environment as well as protect their own employees from exposure to toxins and molds. When a janitorial company provides the option for green services and products, you know you have a company willing to join you in this worthwhile endeavor.


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