Why Trained Employees at a Janitorial Service is Important

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Why Trained Employees at a
Janitorial Service is Important

At Consolidated Facility we know how important it is for employees to be trained well in the latest technology for commercial cleaning. The staff of a cleaning service must know all the rules and regulations involved so they can be followed to a ‘T.’ Safety is a key issue in the workplace, and creating a safe environment means quality of cleaning services when hiring a janitorial service.

A cleaning service must be proactive and have training programs which keep the service people up-to-date and staying safe. This means that the employees in the company where the cleaning is being performed stay safe as well. OSHA standards must be provided, all OSHA directives followed and official regulations maintained. The California Occupational Safety and Health Program or Cal/OSHA should be closely adhered to.

Many industries have a strict necessity for a healthy indoor environment. This includes:

  • Food services
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Day care centers

But this does not negate the necessity to have a healthy indoor environment for office complexes and business establishments. Workers in any workplace need a clean and safe environment to work in. Without diligence in those who keep the spaces spotless, harmful toxins can expose workers to fumes and residues that will have adverse effects on their health. This means lost revenue to the business owner when employees fail to show up at work due to illness.

Eliminating hazards in the workplace is what it is all about! Consolidated Facility goes the extra mile and offers green cleaning products so the potentially hazardous chemical products are avoided completely. We also have inspectors who come around after the work is done to ensure all is done properly and safely. They ensure no harmful spills, no residual toxins on surfaces or in the air. They will have cleaners come back and correct any errors so the customer will be 100 percent satisfied.

In addition to staying up to date on state regulations for a safe workplace, employees in a janitorial service must learn all the proper procedures for dusting effectively, mopping, cleaning windows, as well as marble restoration if the company does this function. We do at Consolidated Facility! Techniques change and modern technology advances. Any janitorial person must know how these techniques work and how to apply them. Continued training is the way to accomplish this.

Whenever you go to hire a janitorial service, be sure to investigate to see their level of training for their employees. It is vital to have only those who are competent and skilled for cleaning your business spaces and keeping your employees in a sparkling and safe work environment.


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