Why Quality Control is so Important in a Cleaning Service

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Blog 16 150x150 Why Quality Control is so Important in a Cleaning ServiceHiring an outside janitorial services company can be the best decision you will make for your business. It takes needless worry off your plate and gives you more time to concentrate on key aspects of expansion and profit. You will be able to ensure your employees work in a clean and healthy environment. So when looking for a professional cleaning service, how much effort should you put in to make sure the company you hire has superior quality control? Plenty!

Quality enhancement is an ongoing proposition in professional cleaning companies. These cleaning professionals know that to keep their clients happy and gain a competitive edge, they must do everything possible to ensure standards go far beyond the norm.

When a cleaning company has a quality assurance program, they are making sure that the work they do meets or exceeds the requirements for those companies that hire them. Supervising the work of the janitors puts that extra pressure on these employees to go above and beyond in achieving the excellent work expected of them. Everyone wins in this case – the cleaning services company and the business that hired them.

Check out the janitorial services company you are about to hire and look for the following:

  • A low ratio of employees to supervisors
  • A low turnover of clients
  • A low turnover of employees
  • Supervisors who visit and inspect the premises during daytime hours
  • Supervisors who check equipment and re-stock needed supplies

New positive improvements should always be implemented, and business owners would be informed when this happens. It is an ongoing process – improving quality and working harder to perform better.

Spend what time you need to make sure the cleaning service you hire goes the extra mile to provide you with exemplary service. They should get things right the first time. And once you find the company that meets these standards, never let them go!


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