The Difference between Green Cleaning and Not

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Green cleaning or not? You really need to make the decision when you have professional office spaces and employees who spend the bulk of their time in these rooms. Their health and well-being are vital to keeping productivity high and overall goals being met for your company. The cleaning products used to clean your offices can make all the difference.

Cleaning products are used everywhere in your building. This includes on the surfaces of desks, counters, furniture, windows, floors and carpets. We are always engaged in a war against dirt and germs, whether at home or at work. The way in which cleaning is handled can mean you will win the war or lose it a battle at a time.

Blog 18 150x150 The Difference between Green Cleaning and NotConventional cleaning products have a number of possible health implications as well as an adverse effect on the environment. The petroleum-based products will by all reports destroy microbes and molds, etc.; however there can be serious toxic side effects.  Besides indoor air quality being affected by toxic fumes, some antibacterial cleaners can actually breed bacteria that have developed to the point of resisting the chemicals in these products.

Using a janitorial service can save you the direct exposure to chemicals when getting your cleaning done. When hiring a janitorial cleaning service it is even better to find those that employ green cleaning as an option.  Cleaning with green, natural products is safe and saves our environment. You can ensure the right green products are used if they are noted as:

  • Non-toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Made from renewable sources (meaning not made of petroleum)

More and more is being learned about the impact on health and our environment from the use of conventional cleaning products. When you can get your office spaces cleaned thoroughly, safely and efficiently without the use of these chemical-filled cleaners, you are ensuring your employees won’t be exposed to toxic substances and fumes, and thus their health is greatly protected. Fewer days off due to illness means greater productivity and achieving greater success in your business.


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