The Cost of a Janitorial Service – Is It Worth It?

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Blog 11 150x150 The Cost of a Janitorial Service – Is It Worth It?
Your business is expanding and it is time to decide if you should hire a professional cleaning company to come in and do all the cleaning and maintenance. There is no question that it will cost to hire an outside cleaning company, but is it going to be worth it?

Cleaning service cost varies, but you can customize your needs according to your budget. Most good cleaning companies will accommodate you and provide cost-efficient solutions. The reality of getting your money’s worth depends on who you hire and how well they clean.

Running a business requires a lot of administration. If you hire an internal cleaning and maintenance crew, you are adding more potential nightmares to an already overloaded system. The personnel will have to be included in:


  • Payroll
  • Insurance
  • Benefits

Internal cleaners and maintenance people may not be up-to-date on training and know the regulations published and updated by OSHA and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). If they do go for further training, guess who will have to pay for it?

On the other hand, professional cleaning services already have this under control. Quality companies always thoroughly train their employees and ensure they are current on all rules and regulations regarding safety and cleaning products. And they cover the cost of this.

Janitorial services are simply contracted to clean your office spaces, and nothing else will need to cross your desk. All service personnel are bonded, certified and insured. They have all the tools and supplies needed, including green cleaning agents.

If you think having an employee do your cleaning as a side-line, be ready for a big disappointment. Too often the person is already tired from a full day at work, and he will just do the irreducible minimum so he can get out and get home. Not having any experience in professional cleaning, he likely won’t do a very good job either.

Yes, hiring a professional company will save you time, money, and do away with a lot of headaches. The wide array of services offered just sweetens the pot. When you find a janitorial cleaning company that also provides 24/7 emergency service, you know you have your hands on a gem.


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