Sanitizing a Bathroom

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When sanitizing a bathroom in your business location, you want to do a thorough job to rid the area of all germs. Germs thrive in toilets, sinks and on floors in the bathroom and you want to eliminate all the germs and bacteria possible. The spread of disease and illness often comes from unsanitary restrooms, but you can help prevent this by carefully sanitizing regularly. You can bet this is true as we are a janitorial service Sacramento with a lot of experience in sanitizing bathrooms properly.

Cleaning Agents Needed for Sanitizing a Bathroom

You are going to need a few items to start. You should have bleach or a good disinfectant. These cleaning agents are good at killing bacteria. They also will dissolve soap scum and shine the surfaces up as you clean. Disinfectants should have literature accompanying them which tells of its OSHA level of effectiveness against tuberculosis and whether it is approved by the EPA.

Other Items You’ll Need

You will also need to collect rags, stiff brush, paper towels, a spray bottle, a toilet brush and a mop. When you work with disinfectants, you should also wear household gloves. Remember to never mix any bleach with ammonia. This makes a toxic gas which can actually be fatal if inhaled in a closed space.

The Sanitizing Procedure


  1. Start out by washing down all the surfaces with soapy water. Rinse it all well. By doing this you are ensuring that the disinfectant won’t be blocked from its action by dirt. 

  2. Next fill your spray bottle (one quart size) with water and add one tablespoon of bleach. Shake it to combine the water and bleach. If you have a store-bought disinfectant, you can use this instead of bleach and water.

  3. Remove all the items that are sitting on the surfaces in the bathroom.

  4. Spray all the bathroom surfaces evenly. Let dry.

  5. Scrub any places where dirt or soap scum has collected. Use your stiff brush for this task.

  6. Dry out the inside of the sink with a paper towel, which helps to inhibit mold growth.

  7. Flush the toilet and pour in one cup of bleach while the water is at the lowest level. Flush it again and pour in a disinfectant. The cleaning agent should be poured so it runs down from the rim – down the sides. Let the cleaner sit for ten or fifteen minutes.

  8. Scrub the toilet bowl with a toilet brush. Ensure you get under the rim and reach all parts of the inside of the bowl. Flush once more after you are done.

  9. Now use the disinfectant to clean the outside of the toilet and tank, particularly around the seat.

  10. Use a diluted bleach to disinfect the floors. Mop into all corners. Let dry.

You are done! You have a clean and safe restroom for all your employees. It should make you rest easy knowing you are keeping your workers healthy. And if you would rather have a professional take care of this and other cleaning duties for your business, call on a professional Sacramento janitorial service to handle it for you! Professional janitorial services take all the headaches off your plate and let you get on with what you do best – run your business.


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