Keeping Your Employees Safe and Healthy

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Blog 17 150x150 Keeping Your Employees Safe and HealthyIt goes without saying that your employees are a great asset. Their production can make or break you. It is no wonder that employers are the ones responsible for providing a workplace that is safe and healthful for their staff.

An employer can work hard in addressing the issues that could present problems to his or her employees, taking time away from key areas of the business that he should devote attention to. Delegating as much as possible allows the employer to concentrate on what he should concentrate on – his strategies and expansion.

There is one area of health and safety that can be delegated. By hiring a janitorial services company, a business owner can always be assured of a clean and healthful environment. Not only that, but the employer can cut costs by having a cleaning service come in and clean and maintain the offices and building spaces.

When areas are clean and free of pollens, molds, dirt and dust, employees will not get ill as often. With less illness among staff, this means:

  • Better relations between labor and management
  • Reduced turnover
  • An increase in morale
  • Less stress in the workplace
  • Increased productivity
  • Better and higher quality products
  • And possibly – reduced medical expenditures

Green cleaning should definitely be considered when hiring a cleaning services company. Green products will protect the environment, and they also protect building occupants from harmful chemicals and fumes. Protecting employees’ health is a prime consideration when using any type of cleaning product, from sanitizers and disinfectants to carpet shampoo and floor cleansers.

When janitors get work spaces free of pollens by thoroughly vacuuming and cleaning out ducts, this goes far in stopping allergens from circulating in the air. Molds can be a source of health issues, and professional cleaners know how to kill molds, fungi and other microbes, thus reducing the chances of any resulting illnesses.

It is in the interest of a business owner to find a janitorial services company that will help him maintain a high quality healthful workplace, adding value to his business in the long run and short-term too!


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