Keep Your Granite Floor Sparkling

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Blog 20 150x150 Keep Your Granite Floor SparklingGranite floors give an office setting a wonderful touch – professional, classy and rich. However, the maintenance of these floors can take a lot of work, particularly in high traffic areas. Many smart business owners are turning to professional cleaning services to not only keep their offices spaces clean and healthy, but to clean, polish and do any restoration needed for granite floors.

Granite is a hard, durable floor material with an incredible shine and luster that sets your office spaces apart from others. But these floors get worn, sometimes with wear patterns, stains, chips and cracks. Experts in granite care can easily take care of these problems before they become worse. They know what it takes to keep granite floors giving you pleasure for years.

Because of granite’s porous quality, it requires special care. When neglected, the surface can become dull and lifeless. Chips and cracks ruin the whole look of a granite floor. Maintaining such a floor yourself will take hours of your time each month, time you should be spending on business matters and working on your company’s strategies. Depending on internal maintenance people to keep it looking its best is not always the best solution, because many do not have the knowledge or experience in dealing with granite. They may use improper cleaning solutions which further damage the floor, just due to the fact of not being educated in granite floor care.

Professional janitorial cleaning services have usually been working with granite floors for many years. They know all the ins and outs of granite maintenance and care. Some of the services these companies will do include:

  • Properly cleaning with an approved cleaning agent
  • Sealing the granite periodically
  • Restoring the floor to its original luster
  • Repairing chips and cracks with color-matching repair compound
  • Boosting matte finishes to a semi-gloss or gloss finish
  • Honing and polishing out wear patterns or dull spots
  • Color enhancement

Monthly maintenance is the best way to achieve beautiful granite floors that don’t lose that perfect look. When you are in a high traffic area, you won’t be able to notice a difference from those spaces less traveled.  Janitorial cleaning services by consolidated facility will take care of your granite floors for you, allowing you to get on with achieving success in your company while keeping up your highly professional appearance.


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