How Effective are Green Cleaning Products?

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We all want to protect our family from toxins contained in cleaners. We want to ensure our household is not exposed to the chemicals in cleaning products so we stay healthy and happy. It seems that all-natural products are the way to go when we are striving to go green. But are these cleaners effective? We certainly want to ensure we are killing germs and harmful organisms in our home.

The demand for natural products is running higher and higher. This is because we really believe these all-natural products are good for our environment and safer for us. Most conventional cleaners have a number of harmful chemicals, and we know that mainly by just the smell. Manufacturers are not required to list every ingredient they use, but we know some are hazardous just from the labels containing strict warnings.

What is a Green Cleaning Product?

When searching for a natural green cleaning product, you want one that is truly natural. The Natural Products Association (NPA) is a privately-run organization which determines standards and guidelines currently. For a product to be natural, the NPA says it must consist of 95% natural ingredients, must have biodegradable ingredients and has not been tested on animals. We know that green cleaning products often will cost more, but they are definitely a safer alternative to the many chemicals contained in other cleaning products on the shelves today.

The Effectiveness of Green Cleaning Depends on Our Own Efforts

Not all green cleaning products are created equal, and the relative effectiveness will depend on the kind of microbe you are trying to kill, as well as what sort of surface you are cleaning and how much of the product you use. But that really goes for any cleaning product.

When purchasing natural cleaners, realize that there is somewhat of a trade-off. It costs a little more money for green products and it takes a little more elbow grease to clean. However, you are getting less exposure to toxins in your home and living up to your commitment for a safer environment. Green products are definitely effective, not only in cleaning, but also by being environmentally friendly.

Go Green in Your Cleaning

To clean your home, get NPA approved products from your retail outlets. Use plenty of good old baking soda and vinegar. Glass cleans up amazingly well with some vinegar rubbed on with crumpled newspaper.

You can take other steps at home to “clean green.” A few are:

  • Use washable cloths to clean instead of paper towels
  • Use less cleaner by spraying the cloth and not the surface where you are cleaning
  • Wash clothes on the cold setting whenever you can

You are sure to find you have great cleaning results with green cleaning products. Use them well and stay healthy and help our planet at the same time.
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