Green Cleaners and their Benefits

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As more and more people gain an understanding on how cleaning chemicals can harm humans and the environment, more folks are turning to green cleaning as a solution, both in their homes and businesses. Naturally, employers want their employees healthy and they hope to create a safe and clean environment for them to work in. Thousands of business owners are also becoming more aware of environmental issues and want to contribute to the health of our planet.

Green cleaners are the way to promote a safe work environment and to avoid spilling chemicals into our waterways and killing plant and animal life in our rivers and oceans.

A Janitorial Service Claims that Health of Employees is Only the Start

When consulting with a professional janitorial service Sacramento, we find that cleaning products make a large impact on the occupants of any building. Traditional chemical cleaners carry warnings right on the labels regarding dangers of the toxins inside those fancy wrappings. Scientific studies have shown that some chemicals can contribute to health issues for those exposed. These include:

  1. Eye irritation
  2. Respiratory ailments
  3. Skin irritations
  4. Asthma
  5. Allergic reactions

The benefits of using natural cleaners and “going green” is to reduce the exposure of building occupants to toxic chemicals and possibly reduce allergic reactions by improving indoor air quality. Some companies have gone to the expense of building new ventilation systems when all they really needed to do was dispose of toxic chemical cleaning agents.

This Janitorial Service Knows Cleaning Efficiency is Not Compromised

Many question the cleaning efficiency of green cleaners. However, the experience of a local janitorial service once again proves any rumors wrong. Green cleaners are effective and clean just as well as those containing toxic chemicals. In addition, when hiring a cleaning service that uses green cleaning products, many benefits are obtained. A professional janitorial service will know where to place mats to prevent dirt from being tracked into the building, they train their employees in the latest cleaning techniques and use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment.

Other Benefits of Green Office Cleaning

According to one of the leading janitorial services in the Sacramento area, office cleaning Sacramento has numerous benefits come from green cleaning. Some of these are:

  1. Financially a company will be better off as they won’t need to buy or store cleaning chemicals
  2. Having a healthier environment increases productivity in the workplace
  3. The company’s stakeholders will find this important and will feel a sense of community from the efforts of going green
  4. Using green cleaners lowers the company’s environmental footprint

In addition, just the satisfaction of being part of the movement to help save our planet’s resources is well worth any efforts made in this direction.

One of the smartest moves is to hire a professional janitorial service because with their knowledge of cleaning with natural cleaners, business owners don’t have to spend time wondering how to best accomplish safe cleaning with natural products. All this can get done directly by the cleaning company with the expertise required, and all rules and regulations followed as delineated by state and federal government agencies nationwide.


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