Foreclosure Cleaning – Differences in Janitorial Maid Service and Sales Clean

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Blog 9 150x150 Foreclosure Cleaning – Differences in Janitorial Maid Service and Sales CleanWhen hired to clean a foreclosed home, there are a couple of ways to go about the task. You will need to find out what the bank or mortgage company wants in the way of cleaning service before you begin. It can make quite a difference in the charges you will levy, as well as in the supplies you will need. Does the client want simply a maid service or do they wish the home to be “sales clean?”

How does Janitorial Maid Service and Sales Clean Differ?

Since foreclosed homes have likely been empty for quite a while, there can be a lot to clean up. This goes without saying. However, some banks who now own these homes just want a janitorial maid service to come in and get the inside presentable. Other banks and mortgage companies want the house ready to present to buyers and being able to get top dollar.

Maid service will consist of cleaning the house inside and getting all the accumulated trash and dirt eliminated. Sales clean is more thorough and will include the outside of the home and the yard. When you are aiming for “sales clean,” you want the home and immediate surrounds looking like a real showcase.

The Cleaning Process of Maid Service

Janitorial maid service will just be the basic cleaning process, with the added function of removing the clutter and litter. Here is the sequence:

  1. Remove litter and junk from the floors, cabinets, shelves and counters.
  2. Vacuum the entire house from top to bottom, including ceilings, walls, counters, inside the cabinets and then the floors and carpets.
  3. Disinfect all the surfaces with a strong disinfectant. Scrub grime off stoves and counters with a heavier cleaning agent.
  4. Mop tile or linoleum floors, using a brush for heavy dirt and grime.
  5. Shampoo the carpets. (Find out from your client if they are just going to pull them up and discard them, in which case the earlier vacuuming you did would be sufficient.)
  6. Thoroughly clean bathrooms, kitchen and laundry.
  7. Clean windows and mirrors.

Creating “Sales Clean” Homes

When creating a “sales clean” home, you will perform a wider array of services. Besides painting the entire home inside, you may paint the outside as well. Pulling up old carpet would be included in the tasks you are expected to do. Also you will take away broken appliances, change the locks, cut the grass, trim shrubbery, and board up broken windows. If there is a swimming pool on the property, you may need to clean it as well.

Ensure you find out from the bank or mortgage company what exactly is expected of you. You’ll need to estimate the time involved and how much you will charge according to their needs. Click here for more tips on how to clean a foreclosed home in Sacramento.


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