Five Ways to Increase Your Tenant Retention

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What does it take to keep your tenants happy and remaining where they are? It is sensible to incorporate some strategies to keep your tenants in your rented spaces, because if they leave, you will have all sorts of expenses in getting the office filled once again. Here are five ways to increase your tenant retention.

1. Give your new tenants an extra-special move-in experience

Any moving can be extremely stressful. When you have a new tenant move into your office spaces you can welcome them by sending a gift basket. Make parking spots reserved for the executives of the business. You can think of other things that you can do that don’t take much effort on your part but makes their experience memorable.

2. Keep common spaces looking professional and attractive

Your tenants are going to be walking through those common spaces every day. Perhaps you can add some furniture so there is a place for clients or customers to sit while waiting. Some kind of art work on the walls is also a nice touch. Give it a pleasant feeling and make your tenants happy.

3. Hire a janitorial service to keep the offices clean and sparkling

Ensure you have a professional janitorial company come and do all the cleaning, sanitizing, floor cleaning, and maintenance for your office building. This saves tenants the trouble of cleaning for themselves and assures their employees stay healthy and safe. Cleaning services don’t require you to hire janitors and put anyone on the payroll and all that entails, either.

4. When holidays come around, send small thoughtful gifts

When the holidays arrive, you don’t have to be extravagant, but small gifts to your tenants mean a lot and let them know you appreciate the fact that they are there.

5. Put in a kind word or two

Usually tenants expect to only hear from their landlord when problems are extant or the rent is going to be raised. Instead, send them an occasional note thanking them for their being there. You can include a gift card for Starbucks or the smoothie shop.

Good tenants are not easy to come by. When you show your appreciation and care, you will make an impression and your tenants will think twice before moving. In spending just a little money on special acknowledgements or little gifts, you will end up saving on the costs of advertising and vacancy periods. It is well worth it and your tenants will love you!


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