Carpet Stains Re-Appearing after Cleaning

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When your carpet stains come back to haunt you after having cleaned your carpet (you thought thoroughly), this is called “wicking.” Wicking happens when a spill has penetrated the carpet all the way through to the padding. The carpet is cleaned, but the water from the cleaning works its way back up to the top of the carpet, bringing with it the junk that was spilled originally. The stain then reappears and you feel like you never really got your carpet cleaned at all.

Carpets that have a particularly difficult time with stains are olefin carpets and rugs as well as Berber. Older carpets are also a problem because the padding gets quite saturated with spills and if the carpet gets too wet when cleaned, you have a real mess on your hands.

Wicking can be Prevented

When cleaning the carpet, water pressure must be strong enough to clean the top of the carpet while not getting water into the padding. This is one way to prevent the problem of wicking. Another is to steam clean and get the stain out but good! If you get the entire stain out, even the part that has sunk into the padding, it can’t wick up.

Home steam cleaners just don’t cut it when trying to eliminate stains. They just don’t go deep enough to get the entire stain out. Also, using soap cleaners can create a problem. The soap may actually form new stains where old ones were because the soap doesn’t usually get fully extracted.

Sacramento Janitorial Services has a Suggestion

Hiring an office cleaning Sacramento company to do all your cleaning will take any wicking problems and other cleaning headaches off your plate. A professional company knows all the secrets to keeping stains away. They won’t overwet the carpet, they pre-vacuum as needed and will work on the carpet until all the stains are gone, gone, gone. They have products they can use to reduce the tendency of a carpet to start wicking.

It is quite a relief when the business owner no longer has his mind on how bad his carpets look. When there is a lot of traffic through the work spaces, it is even more important to keep them clean so they last longer. It saves money in the long run to have a professional janitorial service take care of your office spaces.


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