3 Steps to Effective Apartment Building Cleaning

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Cleaning an apartment complex requires some planning and elbow grease, but can be accomplished easily with the following outline of actions to take. A clean apartment building goes far in gaining loyal tenants and filling up in occupancy.

Here are three steps to effective apartment building cleaning that any landlord should know:

1. Prepare.

You can’t just wade into the process without the materials you need. There is nothing worse than getting down and dirty after starting in and then suddenly realizing you are missing key cleaning items. If you will be cleaning both inside apartments and the outside of the building(s), think ahead as to what supplies you will need for each space. Make a checklist of supplies to have on hand, get them collected in one place and mark each thing off on your checklist.

2. Start with Indoor Spaces.

Having indoor spaces clean is more important than the outside, particularly when apartments need to be cleaned for prospective tenants.  When people come to look at an apartment, they won’t often judge the building or complex entirely on how clean the sides of the building are, but a dirty apartment will turn them off right away.

Of course, a thorough review of a unit is needed after previous tenants are gone. Holes in the walls that these tenants didn’t fill in must be filled. Worn carpet must be replaced or if still serviceable, must be cleaned. Damaged flooring must be replaced. The entire apartment needs to be re-painted.

Here are cleaning tips on how to approach general cleaning of the apartment after any major repairs:


  • In every room, clean the high locations first (ceiling fans, light fixtures, etc.) and work down to the lowest (baseboards, etc.). 

  • Clean the living room and bedrooms before starting on the bathroom or kitchen. Dust everything from high to low. Repair any damaged places as possible, or note those that can’t be repaired right away. Keep the list somewhere safe, clearly noting which apartment. (The new tenant should sign a sheet on his rental agreement saying that this was pre-existing so he won’t be held accountable for the damage.)

  • Clean the bathroom. Wash down the tub, shower and sink. Clean out cabinets with a good cleaner. It would be considerate to clean any drains from collected hair and sludge that is available to be pulled out. Ensure the drains aren’t slow or plugged. The floor is cleaned last.

  • Clean the kitchen. Work from high to low as noted previously. Clean the oven and stove top thoroughly.

3. Clean the Outdoor Spaces.

Now it is time to tackle the outside of the building or buildings. The first step would be to pick up any litter or broken branches lying around the property. This alone can make a big difference in appearance. Sweep all the sidewalks and common areas.

You only need to clean the sides of the buildings once every few months. Spray the walls with water, scrub with soap and water using a scrub brush. Then rinse the section completely. If you have a pool, this would be next, cleaning the debris from the surface of the water, running the filter and adding the chemicals per directions. Hiring someone to do pool care for you is a good idea, as they have experience and can accomplish the whole cleaning fast and effectively.

For apartment cleaning or Sacramento commercial cleaning services call us today for a free quote.  We hope you liked our free tips, if you are thinking of hiring a janitorial service here are common questions you should be asking.


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