Caring for Your Tile Floor

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The durability of tile floors is amazing, the life expectancy ranging from 75 to 100 years for a ceramic tile floor. A stone tile floor can last more than 100 years. You owe it to yourself to keep your tile floor looking its best so it is preserved in its original form and maintains its value.

Keeping a Tile Floor Clean

Care and maintenance for a tile floor is fairly simple but needs diligent proactive care. Here are some ways to keep your tile floor looking great and how to avoid problems:

1. Keep mats at the entryways or in high traffic areas. Dirt and debris tracked onto the floor are abrasive and can scratch the surface. Keep the mats clean, too. Shake them out every so often.
2. Sweep with a dust mop and vacuum the floor on a regular basis. Do not let anything metal remain on the floor as the rust resulting can damage the floor.
3. Use a simple cleaning solution and a damp mop and go over the floor occasionally for a deeper cleaning. Do not use abrasive cleaners.
4. Wipe up any spills right away with a sponge and plain soap and water. Get up any grease immediately as this can work its way under the floor’s glaze.

The best types of cleaners for tile floors are those that are neutral pH cleaners and those without any harsh chemicals. Baking soda is good.

Sealing a Tile Floor

Sealant is best applied by a janitorial professional who knows how to deal with the particular tile in your office space. Sealants sold in stores are not of very good quality. Doing a sealing of the grout is vital to keep your floor pristine. The manufacturer of your tile should provide instructions on how often this should be done.

Repairing a Tile Floor

Damage to a tile floor should be dealt with right away before it gets worse. A joint or tile can break and should be repaired as soon as possible. In the case of a broken joint, a chisel can be used to remove the grout. Then the joint should be cleaned out fully and re-grouted.

When a tile is broken, it is important to avoid chopping the tile up as this can damage adjacent tiles. You can remove the tile by chiseling out the grouted joints on all sides, then cutting the tile into small pieces to remove it. The scraping and removal of the mortar underneath would also have to be done so the area is free of debris. Place new mortar into the space and lay the tile.

Taking good care of your tile floor is important so you can take advantage of the long life expectancy and have a beautiful floor for years to come. Increase the beauty of your office space and you can increase tenant applicants for a booming office building.


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